Amsler HIT230F for multiaxial puncture test

The smaller drop weight tester for puncture tests 

With a maximum impact speed of 4.4 m/s and a drop weight of 23.5 kg, this drop weight tester is ideally suited for puncture tests to ISO 6603-2. One impressive feature is the excellent test area accessibility, enabling rapid completion of test series including direct feeding of temperature-conditioned test plates. When it comes to efficiency and ergonomics, this drop weight tester can't be beat.

Advantages and features
  Safe, easy, reliable operation
  Good access to test area.
  Design allows flexible use of accessories plus easy changeover.
  Intelligent safety system – no need to operate safety door when inserting specimens.
  Innovative clamping system enables fast, easy specimen clamping.
  Tests possible over a wide temperature range without installing an expensive temperature chamber in the test frame.
  Cost-effective external specimen temperature-conditioning can be employed and/or existing devices in the laboratory can continue in use.
  Innovative design throughout the force-measurement chain delivers very low-noise measured values, enabling reliable identification of characteristic materials properties in the force-deformation curve.
■ Safety device plus operator-friendly specimen clamping for high specimen throughput.
 The drop weight is raised automatically; the drop height can be set as required in a range from 0.1 m to1 m.
■ High (4 MHz) measured-value acquisition-rate combined with high (16-bit) resolution.
Range of application
The Amsler HIT230F is ideally equipped for multiaxial impact puncture tests on plastics. Its range of application includes material characterization of standard specimens in accordance with estab‐lished standards in research and development and quality assurance.
  Multiaxial impact puncture tests to ISO 6603-2, ASTM D 3763 at room temperature and in extended temperature range.

Basic instrument includes:
■ Evaluation electronics
  Fixed safety device (front and rear)
■ Drop weight of 23.5 kg
Technical data for basic instrument

Type Amsler HIT230F drop weight tester  
Item No. 08.0439  
Potential energy 230 J
Height 2600 mm
Width 1000 mm
Depth 600 mm
Drop height, max. 1000 mm
Drop weight 110 mm
Drop height, min. 23.3 kg
Impact velocity, max. 4.4 m/s,1 m drop height
Force signal resolution 16 bit
Measured-value rate (force signal), max. 4 MHz
Gripping force 6 - 9 kN
Weight, approx. 400 kg
Floor loading 20 kN/m²
Concentrated load of the leveling feet 200 N/cm²
Average noise level of the drive at v
(max measured in 1 m distance to the front of the machine)
60 dB(A)
Electrical supply data    
Power supply 100 to 240 V
Phases 1Ph/N/E  
Permissible voltage fluctuation ± 10 %
Power consumption (full load), approx. 0.5 kVA
Power supply frequency 50/60 Hz
Compressed air supply    
Pressure 5 - 8 bar
Compressed air consumption per impact or test 2 l
Required air-supply output-rate 600 l/min
Compressed air connection side DN 7  
Maintenance unit mounted on instrument  

Accessories required
Clamping rings (1x required)

Type Standard Diameter, inner[mm] Clamping surface Scope of delivery Item No.
Clamping rings - 20 Grooved 1 pair 08.0021
Clamping rings ISO 6603-2 40 Grooved 1 pair 08.0022
Clamping rings ASTM D3763 76 Grooved 1 pair 08.0023
Additional clamping rings on request

Mounts for clamping rings (1x required)

Description Item number
Mount for clamping rings with 20 mm and 40 mm inner diameter. 08.0024
Mount for clamping rings with 76 mm (3”) inner diameter. 08.0025

Impactor for multiaxial puncture test (1x required)

 Complete impactor is easily interchangeable
■ Impactor tip can be changed
  Instrumentation with piezoelectric sensors
■ Guarded axial terminal for measuring lead
Standard Diameter
Nominal force Fnom
[kN 1)]
Item No.
ISO 6603-2 20 15 08.0018
ISO 6603-2 10 9 08.0019
ASTM D3763 12.7 15 08.0020

1) The basic instrument has two measurement ranges: 10%/100% of the maximum force. An additional measurement range can be covered with a load cell.

Optional accessories
Specimen cooling box

Item No.01.1711

This cool box is typical of those used for tests on plastics, but can in principle be used for any material.

All data at ambient temperature. We reserve the right to make technical changes in the course of ongoing development.