Amsler HIT230F for pre-damaging plates (CAI)

The smaller drop weight tester for CAI 

With a maximum impact speed of 4.4 m/s and drop weights between 2.04 and 10.2 kg, this drop weight tester is ideally suited for pre-damaging CAI specimens in accordance with various standards. One impressive feature is the excellent test area accessibility, enabling rapid completion of test series. When it comes to efficiency and ergonomics, this drop weight tester can't be beat.

Advantages and features
  Safe, easy, reliable operation.
  Good test-area accessibility.
  Design allows easy accessory changes.
  Intelligent safety system – no need to operate safety door when inserting specimens.
  Innovative force measurement chain design delivers very low-noise measured values, allowing detailed monitoring of the selective introduction of pre-damage.
  High (4 MHz) measured-value acquisition-rate combined with high (16-bit) resolution.
  Drop weight is raised automatically; drop height can be set to any required level from 0.1 m to 1 m.
  Precise, stepless damage-energy adjustment achieved by varying drop weight and drop height
■ Accurate determination of actual impact speed shortly before point of impact.
  Mechanical device arrests drop weight after initial impact, preventing multiple impacts.

Range of application
The Amsler HIT230F is ideally equipped for pre-damaging fiber composite plates for the CAI (compression after impact) test currently used in the aerospace industry.
  Pre-damaging fiber-composite test plates for the compression after impact (CAI) test as per Airbus AITM 1.0010, Boeing 7260, ISO 18352, DIN 65561, ASTM D7136, DIN EN 6038

Basic instrument includes:
  Evaluation electronics
  Safety shields (front and rear, front shield with side hinges, lockable by key, safety monitoring)
  Anti-rebound device for avoidance of multiple impacts for weights up to 12 kg
  Light barrier for accurate determination of impact velocity
  Impactor, Fmax 50 kN, with spherical impactor tip Ø16 mm, to Airbus AITM 1.0010, Boeing 7260, DIN 65561, ASTM D7136, DIN EN 6038, ISO 18352
  CAI drawer unit for CAI clamping device
  CAI tup holder with single masses of 2.04 kg to 10.2kg

Technical data for basic instrument

Type Amsler HIT230F drop weight tester  
Item No. 08.0440  
Potential energy 100 J
Height 2600 mm
Width 1000 mm
Width with single mass holder 1235 mm
Depth 695 mm
Drop height, max. 1000 mm
Drop height, min. 110 mm
Drop weight, max. 10.2 kg
Drop weight, min. 2.04 kg
Impact velocity, max. 4.4 m/s, 1 m drop height
Force signal resolution 16 bit
Measured-value rate (force signal), max. 4 MHz
Gripping force Manual  
Weight, approx. 400 kg
Floor loading 20 kN/m²
Concentrated load of the leveling feet 200 N/cm²
Average noise level of the drive at v
(max measured in 1 m distance to the front of the machine)
60 dB(A)
Electrical supply data    
Power supply 100 - 240 V
Phases 1Ph/N/E  
Permissible voltage fluctuation ± 10 %
Power consumption (full load), approx. 0.5 kVA
Power supply frequency 50/60 Hz
Compressed air supply    
Pressure 5 - 8 bar
Compressed air consumption per impact or test 2 I
Required air-supply output-rate 600 l/min
Compressed air connection side DN 7  
Maintenance unit mounted on instrument  

Accessories required

Description Item number
Clamping device for specimen pre-damaging to ASTM D7136, Boeing BSS 7260, DIN 65561,SACMA SRM 2R-94 08.0027
Clamping device for specimen pre-damaging to Airbus AITM 1.0010, ISO 18352,DIN EN 6038 08.0028

Optional accessories
 Two different fixtures are available for installation in a materials testing machine for the compression test to determine the residual strength of the specimen pre-damaged by the drop weight tester. In the case of the
ASTM and Boeing fixture, all four sides of the specimen are restrained, but not clamped. With the Airbus and ISO version of the compression fixture, the top and bottom are clamped, but the sides are only restrained.

CAI compression fixture

Description Item number
CAI compression fixture for static tests to ASTM D7136, Boeing BSS 7260, DIN 65561, SACMA SRM 2R-94 08.0198
CAI compression fixture for static tests as per Airbus AITM 1.0010, ISO 18352, DIN EN 6038 08.0199

All data at ambient temperature. We reserve the right to make technical changes in the course of ongoing development.