Pre-owned with Zwick quality 

Zwick's pre-owned range includes machines and instruments used in our own in-house laboratories and development departments, as well as items used for display. Zwick also acquires pre-owned machines from customers who no longer need their testing machine or have decided to replace it with a newer machine, enabling Zwick to offer a broad spectrum of pre-owned machines.
For all pre-owned testing machines and instruments, Zwick guarantees absolute operability accompanied by state-of-the-art testing technology. In most cases pre-owned testing machines are broken down to their individual components, wear-parts are replaced and if necessary the machine is modernized and repainted. A thorough overhaul ensures that a pre-owned testing machine is of the same high quality as a new machine in terms of operability, reliability of service and future upgradability. The use of modern testControl II testing technology, together with the latest version of our testXpertII testing software, provides modularity and flexibility, enabling a rapid response to new requirements in the future.

Advantages and features 

A pre-owned testing machine or instrument comes with state-of-the-art Zwick testing technology.
  A pre-owned testing machine offers full service/support reliability, as the warranty is identical to that of new machines. This also applies to other makes of pre-owned testing machines.
  Zwick guarantees spare-part availability for a minimum of ten years. In case of difficulty, help is available swiftly by hotline or directly on site.
■ Pre-owned machines supplied by Zwick feature state-of-the-art measurement and control electronics and testing software. This allows the use of additional sensors, fixtures and other accessories from Zwick's extensive range, enabling new testing requirements to be easily accommodated.